Friday, June 4, 2010

A Very Useful Prayer

I found this in a Catholic prayer book and immediately fell in love; I think everyone knows at least one person they consider a hopeless cause, and this prayer was meant for them.

A Prayer to Our Mother of Perpetual Help
for the Conversion of a Sinner

O Mary, Mother of Perpetual Help, thou knowest so well the great value of an immortal soul. Thou knowest what it means, that every soul has been redeemed by the Blood of thy Divine Son. Thou wilt not then despise my prayer if I ask from thee the conversion of a sinner, nay, a great sinner, who is rapidly hurrying on toward eternal ruin. Thou, O good and merciful Mother, knowest well his irregular life. Remember that thou art the Refuge of Sinners; remember that God has given thee power to bring about the conversion of even the most wretched sinners. All that has been done for his soul has been unsuccessful; if thou wilt not come to his assistance, he will go from bad to worse. Obtain for him the effectual grace that he may be moved and brought back to God and to his duties. Send him, if necessary, temporal calamities and trials, that he may enter into himself and put an end to his sinful course. Thou, O most merciful Mother, hast converted so many sinners through thine intercession, at the prayer to thee of their friends. Be then also moved by my prayer, and bring this unhappy soul to true conversion of heart.
O Mother of Perpetual Help, deign to show that thou art the Advocate and Refuge of Sinners. So I hope, so may it be. Amen.


  1. Love it! Does it remind you of Newman, or do I just associate all beautiful English prose with him?

  2. sorry about the repeat comment there- the first time, it didn't appear (on my comp) and the blog said that it wasn't working. anyway, you get the point.

  3. You know, I hadn't thought about it until you said it, but yes, it does sound Newman-esque. I haven't been able to find an author, unfortunately, and even the booklet didn't have enough information for me to cite it (problematic for the English major in me!). Good thing it's the prayer that counts!